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No one like us and maybe without testimonials way that we present in this book in Romanian psychiatry should be quiet because, as an apologist stress, "teachers were communists in psychiatry and general and professionalism are unquestionable" and in our psychiatry has not changed anything, nor must change.

Although it seems a paradox, our work is a true samizdat, because she is a psychiatric world not only conservative but not freed itself from communist-materialist dogmas and guarding the "purity" ideological past a guard todayhandle with great skill tactics that communist form without substance eg Arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii uses, but without reference to the ideological foundations of American psychiatry.

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Our work is like a samizdat and psychiatrists as a group of nonconformist, in the past know that the same position and I mean not only the hierarchy and in an atmosphere of adversity and the monopoly of power, trying to compose a White Paper of the Romanian communist psychiatry arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii are defying this post-communist leadership to "teachers" and to "those who claim to belong to Arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii Democracy, but who" bite "already in bone strength, then so are jinduit.

In fact, Romanian psychiatry, backward scientific and institutional framework is still 16 needed for many years to wear the old nomenclature gangrene, making it to function that "ministry of truth" and organizing a true institution of intellectual corruption, which not only allied "teachers", but all the profiteers, former torturers from the old psychiatric organization. But to solve first specilitati colleagues in other medical concern as something bizarre battle of breast psychiatry are forgetting that even decades psychiatry provide politruci party secretaries and other care, as if this was an area reserved only psychiatry.

Arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii does not come to ask ourselves why? Very often doctors from other specialties are wondering what in psychiatry has also triggered a dispute, while in other medical specialties problem arises to be or not be a good professional although things are everywhere so.

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In psychiatry, however, professional practice involves not only the accumulation of biological and biochemical knowledge, as is usually the case of somatic medicine, but also a thorough knowledge of psychology, sociology, religion and even philosophy, which adds biological knowledge psychiatry arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii Yet the medical center. For these reasons, in cele mai bune picaturi de slabit, as we see throughout the paper, synonymies masters of medical specialty nomenclature formed a party which has set the task of creating a "socialist 17 psychiatry", opposite Western psychiatry, which they called in derision "psychiatry bourgeois.

For these reasons, the communists considered psychiatry as an ideological battleground, where the "blast" Marxist philosophy had to fight and win the dispute with bourgeois concepts: non-Marxist sociology and psychology, which Western psychiatry and awarded them after a long road of development many humanities, not arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii biological or biochemical essence.

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As we see during work on this basis, psychiatry in our country will be basically politicized in terms of communist ideologyorganized and run by people regime, approved by Security, psychiatry is not only the attention of party organs, but also those of repression.

What followed was just a small step for the communist regime to use repressive psychiatry in its goals, as it does in fact in all fields, all being enslaved to retain power.

But this politicization communist psychiatry almost reflexive led to emergence of resistant permanent and even a dissident movements, because what you wanted, loved colleagues to oppose the new "socialist psychiatry", painstakingly created over almost 50 years?

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He said today that psychiatry practiced in communist Romania - despite ideological abuse and scientific return - was a normal course, and 18 this just to keep a false "domestic peace" or in the name of comradeship forged a monstrosity which equates to just sleep of reason can tolerate.

So we ask our colleagues and even opaque tolerance Ministry of Health to carry out the this paper, slowly and with perseverance. But look a little around us.

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Revolutionary romantics young and died in December with the firm conviction that Romania will be discarded communism in the dustbin of history. Rejection of communism has become, for those moments, reason to sacrifice our nation and especially our youth. However, if the communists in Stalin knew that will not change a political regime and will not comuniza Romania preserving old structures of the bourgeois democratic state, passing immediately to treatment administration, army, police, judiciary and academic institutions, the revolutionaries of was naivety to believe only in power for a moral revolution, which have a fully sprinkled with blood, naively believing arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii the "convert" the old nomenclature.

Not only were arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii, but were terribly wrong, which is why so many years, Romania is still struggling in the arms of a criptocomunism just as malignant as communism itself. If our country in there were only about communists in the number of true did not seem to be much higher, because how else could explain the spraying of a repressive system and a "party of four million people" in only a few days.

But, as incohorts of profiteers and followers arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii a vulgar materialism and corruption have no moral or ideological creed "were adapted" rapidly, taking over for their benefit young and fragile post-totalitarian Romanian society.

Gradually, it became clear that there will be a trial of communism, Section 8 of Timisoara, Timisoara and spirit that were rejected and even insulted the new Parliament of Romania and former political prisoners, as former dissidents go beyond their ordeal of suffering, while the revolutionaries often appear as figures in December issue, putting them all back into the country's current difficulties.

Old nomenclature has climbed back on previous positions, going from dicteul Communist fanaticism, which secures its parasitic existence in the past to promote a "wild capitalism" and the stall, to compromise all Roman ideals of the revolution of But what do the people that make the many, who should I remove this profit?

People wearing behind that "psychology of the cage" from which came just as any mass fear of change, and under the communists or political 20 sense which makes man to be a unique creature in the universe has atrophied, who knows for how weather. As in the past, people being hit by strength in its existence unemployment, malnutrition, hunger wages, permanent inflation and that, as in the past gives any paternalism cheap, nationalist tirades, the simplest maneuvers and propaganda of the former current nomenclature that today, without any embarrassment, successfully launched the slogan "saving people from landlords and capitalists" to ridiculous diversions, such as the culprits of former political prisoners, like Ticu Dumitrescu and Corneliu Coposu.

Is psychiatry situation changed? We must recognize, and communists have confirmed a power that medicine has never been independent of political power among medical disciplines psychiatry the most addictive.

Due to its particular nature, psychiatry has always faced ethical and human essence, if he had only to think that it is the only medical discipline authorized by the company to place a person even against his will.

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On the other hand, psychiatry has very vague borders and psychiatrist, voluntarily or involuntarily, they may use "power" at the expense of freedom and autonomy of a person.

Psychiatry and thus play a role "politically" active, if we take the term life policy on acceptance of "polis". Thus, if democratic 21 countries the right or left wing extremists will never have to do with psychiatry in Romania communist, as in former USSR, psychiatric practice involving ideological and even political factors, some of the opposition arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii being labeled as taking psychiatry.

We know how inaccurate diagnostic criteria in psychiatry and psychopathological symptoms or behaviors between single dissenter clinical diagnosis and a real big difference there. Thus, many dissidents, subjected to persecution and injustice, living in a permanent stress, could present some real psychopathological traits, but they could not thereby become mentally ill and only real reasons of nature policy made it possible. As in other communist countries, Romania, three private structures limetele dictatorship forced psychiatry: 1.

  1. Ему и раньше знаком был шорох ветра в листве, но здесь, кроме этого, звенела еще и самая настоящая симфония каких-то слабеньких звуков, значения которых он не угадывал.
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Totalitarian character of the state; 2. Place occupied by ideology in all areas; 3. Visceral fear of the regime not to lose power and privileges.

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Thus, on the one hand, arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii have no rights and was the only party that decides to consider including a crazy person and on the other hand, science was subjected to - not to mention the maid - of ideology. For these reasons and psychiatry was "compelled" to participate through all system specific to maintain power. Violence is exercised against any individual who could not "fit" in the 22 community, as it was defined by the party, and abnormal, "patient" was therefore defined by nature or "association" atypical, which is why condemn socialism all those "original" anyone who thought otherwise, all minorities even religious groups or rock.

But a psychiatrist that domestic political opponent on the pretext of paranoid schizophrenia or consciously engage in politics in the totalitarian state that certain attitudes which actually expect to bring him advantages. Apologists' socialist psychiatry "explained the" features "of their acts in that the existence of differences" essential "against psychiatry" bourgeois ", meaning that which is practiced in the West. This led to the rejection without discernment or scientific arguments psychological and sociological concepts of Romanian psychiatry.

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In Honoluluthe General Assembly World Psychiatric Association has noted, however, to be frank, use "socialist psychiatry" as a political weapon, adopting the following resolution: "World Psychiatric Association takes note of misuse of psychiatry for political 23 purposes and condemn these practices in all countries where the practice, inviting professional psychiatric organizations to abandon these practices and to suppress them.

Association has many testimonials on the systematic use of psychiatry for political purposes in the USSR. Predescu, a politruci formed in Leningrad students and PhD studies with his colleague in the USSR - Stefan Milea, which he also received "haiduceasca" child psychiatry department.

For this reason, the reaction of the Romanian authorities were identical to those of the USSR The external pressures were invariably answered that they represent a "blend" the problems domestic and internal opposition and to answer the attitude of condemnation of "socialist psychiatry" is only "anti-fuss. But what happens now, after so many years after the fall of communism, with more than 1, Romanian psychiatrists?

Living in fear and terror in the past, psychiatrists Romans a community largely Feminized today 24 live arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii freedom, the same syndrome of "cage" under the leadership of former "teachers" communists were seen by those who favored even as "generous and unquestionable professionalism, asteaptand as usual does not happen anything in psychiatry.

Psychiatry Under Communist Dictatorship in Romania | Psychiatry | Communism

Western psychiatry has things that a school psychiatrist communist novel format is not settled mostly due to lack of arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii or sociological knowledge, and as a result of new biochemical conquer.

There are Western institutions, a new type of treatment that would completely upset azilar system in which complicated psychiatric nurse in the communist period, who now presents bufoniada "reform" which in reality they reject. How to win all these novel psychiatrist?

Is it not better that the old saying teachers old nomenclatureto keep the old organization and the old Roman concept that the psychiatrist was already settled over 45 years? Just see what havoc do in any area where reform is put in question.

So what will Romanian psychiatry is still condemned for decades. As youth, he was rather interested in emigration to Western involvement is virtually non-existent. Write this book because I felt that our approach was this time arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii the sense of history and not just in the last five decades, when we fought only with windmills.

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We do today even if the psychiatric establishment is still the same communist and hostile. Paraphrasing a Bible 25 verse, truth be shouted from the rooftops, and if not we will do it then I will cry out the stones in our place.

Author declares that the whole theory of competence and the nomenclature of "high" of Romanian psychiatry during the communist period is a lie, and ethical abuses of the past became the present tragedy arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii psychiatry must purify themselves.


Making of psychiatric maid repressive system, psychiatry officials today made a mistake and make history, not only against a medical disciplines, but of a nation to nation. Participating as officials in psychiatric repression, they were docile instruments of a "criminal organization" created by the communist state, a phenomenon that history is not more known than fascist-Nazi state. And instead arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii them be ashamed and repent, former torturers, attack, accuse, as if history were able to return to communism.

Their competence? Let's face it. In what area has promoted communism competence? Personnel files, dozens of officers on party line studies in the USSR or "Stefan Gheorghiu", they were sources of competence "and a generous teacher unquestionable We started building this works more at home even a whole organization - APLR Free Psychiatric Association in Romaniabut under the leadership of former politruci, organization 26 bonnet miserably.

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Along the way, many have seen this type of activity that can not draw benefits, others fear has started to terrify the gesture that was about to do it. We can say however that the paper reflects the views of truth and at least the spirit that was formed in Romania Free Psychiatric Association.

Submit to psychiatric abuse phenomenon in Romania and theoretical analysis in terms of its practical ways.

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Adversities of all kinds have been solved or not, but the hardest was passed over fear, constant fear of persecution, heavy burden of betrayal Free Psychiatric Association leaders.

Hundreds of cases of psychiatric abuse did not reach us, they were carefully hidden, as the Securitate files.

(PDF) Brukenthalia Review No 3 | Mihaela Grancea -

Gradually, the momentum to disclose cases of abuse has subsided and a "monstrous coalition" formed between former torturers and even Free Psychiatric Association leadership, an elite now "done" with the functions of teachers, overseas visits paid by others old only comparable novel obsession with obsession for sausageaccess to power, "the esteem and consideration" etc.

Because of adversity consider the work incomplete, but as a first breach in the fortress of deceit and incompetence. Tartorii communist psychiatry are still in force, and today holds all power assets. They and a few corrupt leaders we talked about today are the only interlocutors Ministry of foreigners who 27 come in here and especially of their gifts, only guests of international meetings, where they leave without any money in their pocket and where allegedly represent Romanian As in the past, the West swallows all liability, from laziness or carelessness, thus becoming easy victims who took power offensive or still hold in psychiatry.

But, in fact, as paler say, why should we wonder? Do not Ceausescu received from Western highest titles and no royal carriage ride to London? Where he knows that they are sincere "colleges" of scientists or big heads of state of West. Yet, we and others that we will arsenal inferno fat burner recenzii be rock poticneala these old and new''profiteers "of psychiatry, of those who oppose any development of our discipline.

Pastraveni - District. Neamt P. Due to the time lag from drafting to publishing a series of events are now outdated eg employment of certain finctiiand a number of examples communist tart went to "Fields Elizee.

Facts and circumstances of their stay history, which is why this paper-document can not granger ncis pierdere în greutate.