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It's no secret that I love barre workouts, and I love 'em even more when I can bust out a 10 minute express barre workout at home, or in the studio! Pin It! I've been known to bust out a barre move or two when I'm cooking in the kitchen, doing laundry, or bruising my teeth.

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My husband finds it hilarious and mocks me 'and pulse pulse pulse'. No bar required. Tone your thighs, booty, and sculpt your core with beginner and advanced suggestions! If you love dance and fitness then you are in the right place.

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The only arm workout youll ever need! Although natural turnout is largely dictated by the anatomy of your femur and hip socket, if your turnout muscles are weak, you could be missing out on those highly coveted extra degrees of rotation.

Try These Four Exercises for Longer, Stronger Balances If you're feeling wobbly in adagio or wish you could hold your piqué attitude a bit longer, there are ways to assess and improve your balance.

Try these four ballet barre pierdere în greutate, recommended by Heather Southwick, Boston Ballet's director of physical therapy. The shop contains my own products and the blog is original content.

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