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It occurs most rapidly during the first 2 years of life, but continues until early adulthood In CNS Myelin is produced by Oligodendrocyte A single oligodendrocyte myelinates as many as 20 or 30 different CNS axonal segments, each over a length of 1 mm or less Oligodendrocyte membrane extensions wrap around the axons in a concentric wellform slimming insoles recenzii to form the myelin sheath.

Myelin proteins include proteolipid protein, myelin basic protein, myelin-associated glycoprotein, and a number of less abundant proteins detectable by electrophoretic separation Active myelin synthesis starts in utero and continues for the first 2 years of life; slower synthesis continues during childhood and adolescence.

The swelling produced by a thyroglossal duct cyst usually develops as a painless, progressively enlarging, movable mass. The cyst may contain some thyroid tissue.

Lingual thyroid tissue is the most common of ectopic thyroid tissues. Sometimes the frenulum is short and extends to the tip of the tongue. This interferes with its free protrusion and may make breastfeeding difficult. A short frenulum usually stretches with time, making surgical correction of the anomaly unnecessary. Macroglossia: An excessively large tongue is not common. Dextrocardia is the most frequent positional abnormality of the heart. The most common form of ASD is patent oval foramen.

A small isolated patent oval foramen is of no hemodynamic significance; however, if there are other defects e. VSDs occur more frequently in males than in females. Most people with a large VSD have massive left-to-right shunting of blood. Muscular VSD is a less common type of defect and may appear anywhere in the muscular part of the interventricular septum.

wellform slimming insoles recenzii

Cor triloculare biatriatum: Two atria, one ventricle : Absence of the IV septum-single ventricle or common ventricle-resulting from failure of the IV septum to form is extremely rare and results in a three-chambered heart L.

TGA is often associated with other cardiac anomalies e. In typical cases, the aorta lies anterior and to the right of the pulmonary trunk and arises from the morphologic right ventricle, whereas the pulmonary trunk arises from the morphologic left ventricle. The aorticopulmonary septum fails to pursue a spiral course during partitioning of the bulbus cordis and TA This defect is thought to result from failure of the conus arteriosus to develop normally during incorporation of the bulbus cordis into the ventricles Recent studies suggest that defective migration of neural crest cells may also be involved.

Coarctation is characterized by an aortic constriction of varying length. Most coarctations occur distal to the origin of the left subclavian artery at the entrance of the DA juxtaductal coarctation. Wellform slimming insoles recenzii classification into wellform slimming insoles recenzii and postductal coarctations is commonly used.

wellform slimming insoles recenzii

Hygromas maybe present at birth, but they often enlarge and become evident during infancy. Atresia may occur as a separate anomaly, but this is less common. Esophageal atresia results from deviation of the tracheoesophageal septum in a posterior direction as a result there is incomplete separation of the esophagus from the laryngotracheal tube.

A fetus with esophageal atresia is unable to swallow amniotic fluid; consequently, this fluid cannot pass to the intestine for absorption and transfer through the placenta to the maternal blood for disposal. Stenosis usually results from incomplete recanalization of the esophagus.

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Its failure to elongate sufficiently as the neck and wellform slimming insoles recenzii develop results in displacement of part of the stomach superiorly through the esophageal hiatus into the thoraxcongenital hiatal hernia. Most hiatal hernias occur long after birth, usually in middle-aged people. Wellform slimming insoles recenzii Abnormal right subclavian artery is implicated. If recanalization of the lumen fails to occur a short segment of the duodenum is occluded. The blockage occurs nearly always at the junction of the bile and pancreatic ducts hepatopancreatic ampulla but occasionally involves the horizontal third part of the duodenum.

The vomitus almost always contains bile; duodenal atresia may occur as an isolated anomaly, but other congenital anomalies are often associated with it, e. Duodenal atresia is associated with bilious emesis vomiting of bile because the blockage occurs distal to the opening of the bile duct. Polyhydramnios also occurs because duodenal atresia prevents normal intestinal absorption of swallowed amniotic fluid. This appearance is caused by a distended, gas-filled stomach and proximal duodenum.

The gallbladder is usually intrahepatic during its embryologic period and becomes extrahepatic later on in its development. Wellform slimming insoles recenzii gallbladders may share a common cystic duct and be completely separated, or they maybe divided by a septum. They are rare. Originally, they were described as cystic dilatations of the extrahepatic duct system. Infants present with symptoms of complete or partial bowel obstruction. The covering of the omphalocele is by amnion and peritoneum.

This common type of hernia is different from an omphalocele. In an umbilical hernia, the protruding mass usually the greater omentum and part of the small intestine is covered by subcutaneous tissue and skin. The defect through which the hernia occurs is in the linea alba.

wellform slimming insoles recenzii

The hernia protrudes during crying, straining, or coughing and can be easily reduced through the fibrous ring at the umbilicus. Surgery is not usually performed unless the hernia persists to the age of 3 to 5 years.

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Gastroschisis results from a defect lateral to the median plane of the anterior abdominal wall. The linear defect permits extrusion of the abdominal viscera without involving the umbilical cord. The viscera protrude into the amniotic pierderea în greutate fără motiv and are bathed by amniotic fluid. As a result, the caudal limb of the midgut loop returns to the abdomen first and the small intestines lie on the right side of the abdomen and the entire large intestine is on the left and the cecum lies just inferior to the pylorus of the stomach.

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The cecum is fixed to the posterolateral abdominal wall by peritoneal bands that pass over the duodenum. These bands and the volvulus twisting of the intestines cause duodenal obstruction. When midgut volvulus occurs, the superior mesenteric artery maybe obstructed, resulting in infarction and gangrene of the intestine supplied by it. Infants with intestinal malrotation are prone to volvulus and present with bilious emesis. As a result, the duodenum lies anterior to the superior mesenteric artery rather than posterior to it, and the transverse colon lies posterior instead of anterior wellform slimming insoles recenzii it.

In these infants, the transverse colon maybe obstructed by pressure from the superior mesenteric artery. The aganglionic segment remains contracted, dilating the wellform slimming insoles recenzii normal bowel The severity of symptoms and the age at diagnosis are related to the length of the aganglionic segment. Involvement of the rectum or additional parts of the wellform slimming insoles recenzii results in constipation or obstipation in infancy, requiring emergent resection of the a ganglionic bowel and a pull-through anastomosis to the anus.

wellform slimming insoles recenzii

Most anorectal anomalies result from abnormal development of the urorectal septum, resulting in incomplete separation of the cloaca into urogenital and anorectal portions. There is normally a temporary communication between the rectum and anal canal dorsally from the bladder and urethra ventrally but it closes when the urorectal septum fuses with the cloacal membrane.

wellform slimming insoles recenzii

The abnormal canal may, however, open into fericită ca efecte secundare ale arzătorului de grăsime vagina in females or the urethra in males. This anomaly is probably caused by a slight dorsal deviation of the urorectal septum as it grows caudally to fuse with the cloacal membrane.

As a result, the anal canal and anal membrane are small. The large intestine rotates in a clockwise manner around the axis of the celiac trunk 2. The large intestine rotates in a clockwise manner around the axis of the superior mesenteric artery 3. The large intestine rotates in a clockwise manner around the axis of the inferior mesenteric artery 4. The large intestine rotates in a counterclockwise manner around the axis of the celiac trunk 5.

The large intestine wellform slimming insoles recenzii in a counterclockwise manner around the axis of the superior mesenteric artery 6. The large intestine rotates in a counterclockwise manner around the axis of the inferior mesenteric artery Ans. The large U-shaped kidney usually lies in the hypogastrium, anterior to the inferior lumbar vertebrae.

In males, ectopic ureters usually open into the neck of the bladder or into the prostatic part of the urethra, but they may enter the ductus deferens, prostatic utricle, or seminal gland. Instead it wellform slimming insoles recenzii carried caudally with the mesonephric duct and is incorporated into the middle pelvic portion of the vesical part of the urogenital sinus.

In multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, fewer cysts are seen than in autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease and they range in size from a few millimeters to many centimeters in the same kidney.

In females, this usually causes masculinization of the external genitalia. Affected male infants have normal external genitalia, and the syndrome may go undetected in early infancy. Later in childhood in both sexes, androgen excess leads to rapid growth and accelerated skeletal maturation. CAH is a group of autosomal recessive disorders that result in virilization of female fetuses. A few blind tubules and a duct, the epoophoron, correspond to the efferent ductules and duct of the epididymis in the male.

The epoophoron may persist in the mesovarium between the ovary and uterine tube. Closer to the uterus, some rudimentary tubules may persist as the paroophoron. Epispadias is a common associated anomaly in males; the urethra opens on the dorsum of the penis. Spina bifida maybe simple or complicated. Ectoderm 2. Endoderm 3. Mesoderm 4. Mesonephros Ans. The other Inactive X-chromosome forms a mass of heterochromatin that lies just under the nuclear membrane. This mass of heterochromatin can be identified in suitable preparations and can be useful in determining whether a particular tissue belongs to a male or a female.

Rarely, some individuals may have more than two X-chromosomes. In these cases only one X-chromosome is active and hence euchromatic while others are represented wellform slimming insoles recenzii masses of heterochromatin.

Each gamete, however, has only half the diploid number and is said to be haploid n. Venus slimming cafea order to maintain this regularity, two types of cell division occur: mitosis, which is the cell division occurring in somatic tissues during growth and repair, and meiosis, which is the specialized form of cell division occurring when gametes form.

Mitosis The function of mitosis is to distribute and maintain the continuity of the genetic material in every cell pierdere în greutate și somn the body. This process consists of a number of different phases, which results in an equal distribution of the chromosomes to the two daughter cells. The cell cycle has four stages: mitosis Mgap1 G1synthesis Sand gap2 G2.

The G1 phase follows mitosis, during which RNA and protein synthesis occurs.

S is the period during which DNA replication takes place and the DNA content of the cell doubles, and G2 is the period during which energy requirements for cell division are built-up and any repair of errors in DNA synthesis takes place. Anatomy 27 Meiosis This process occurs only during the formation of the gametes and results in four daughter cells, each with the haploid number of chromosomes. In males each primary spermatocyte forms four functional spermatids that develop into sperm, while in wellform slimming insoles recenzii each oocyte forms only one ovum, the remaining products of meiosis being nonfunctional polar bodies.

These condensations, together with evidence from coat color pattern in mice, led Lyon to hypothesize X-inactivation. She Stated —— In each somatic cell there is inactivation chloe g pierdere în greutate all but one of the X-chromosomes; —— This process occurs early in development and is random with respect to maternally or paternally derived X-chromosomes in different cells; and —— Once a particular X is inactive, it is inactive in all daughter cells.

The Skin has stratified squamous epithelium Classically epidermis has four layers Normal turn over of epidermis is 4 weeks Skin doubling time is 4 weeks Stratum Germinativium composed of stratum Basale and Stratum Spinosum Stratum Granulosum Granular cell layer Stratum Lucidum Clear cell layer Stratum Corneum horny cell layer 1.

Stratum Germinativium is also called as Malphigian layer composed of a Basal cell layer b Prickle cell layer stratum spinosum Wellform slimming insoles recenzii Basal cell layer is composed of single layer of columnar cells resting on a clear wavy basement membrane From the basal borders of these cells Cytoplasmic processes extend anchoring the epidermis to dermis Melanocytes are present here. Stratum Granulosum —— Consists of 3—4 layers of flattened cells rich in keratohyaline granules —— The keratohyaline granules eventually fill much of the cell, and it is these granules which give the cells of the stratum Granulosum its granular appearance —— The keratohyaline granules contain a protein called filaggrin, the function of which appears to be to bind the tonofibrils together, converting them into keratin 3.

Stratum Lucidum —— Consists of few layers of dead, non nucleated cells without cell boundaries —— These cells are rich in Eleidin granules 4. It is formed of loose CT rich in blood vessels, loose CT, nerve endings.

wellform slimming insoles recenzii

The cells are crowded over each other and appear multilayered. The nuclei are arranged at different levels, some situated basal and others centrally as a wellform slimming insoles recenzii of which a false impression of multilayered cells is created.

However, most of the cells reach the basement membrane. The cells can undergo transition in relaxed and contracted state.